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Volunteering to Help Build in Africa

Africa is one of the most culturally diverse and naturally endowed continents in the world with 54 countries and an approximate land area of 12 million square miles. Everyone in the world is called to visit Africa and take part in many nature and wildlife adventures and cultural journeys. In addition to the richness of the natural habitat and the incredible natural beauty of the continent, Africa also has a lot to offer when it comes to society and community.

Counted among the developing regions of the world a lot of countries in Africa can benefit from the volunteers who are willing to contribute time and effort to build schools and teach African children. 

Teaching and Building Schools in Ghana

After celebrating several years of democracy and peace, Ghana is definitely one of the safest places for volunteers to venture in. The country has also been growing these past decades in business, industries, and of course, cultural tourism. Beside the modernizing cities of Ghana, tourists and volunteers can also spend time among traditional communities to learn more about local culture and celebrate various festivals with dancing and music.

International Volunteer HQ is very active in Ghana because of a strong support base from the country itself. They offer various volunteering and internship programs in several affordable packages. Projects Abroad is also another excellent organization for volunteer work in Ghana, especially for volunteers who would like to participate in building projects such as schools and other infrastructures for the community.

Opportunities for Volunteers in Kenya

Due to its unique geographical position, Kenya is a country rich in natural resources and beautiful scenery. Bordering the eastern side of the country is the sparkling Indian Ocean while another part of the country faces Lake Victoria. Amidst the breathtaking valleys, plains, and mountains are the Great Migration, a most anticipated event of the year where thousands of wildebeests, zebras, and gazelles travel across the country.

Volunteer work in Kenya, although there are also construction projects, is mostly focused on helping African children have a better education. Organizations like the IVHQ volunteers and the Agape Volunteer’s Teaching assign people to come to the country’s rural villages and teach English among other subjects to children. There is also the Volunteer Sports Coaching program in Kenya for athletes and sports enthusiasts to share their knowledge and experiences through various activities.

Volunteer work in Cameroon

Cameroon is located on the southern boundary of Nigeria near Africa’s Atlantic coastline. Visitors and tourists can expect a safe environment and a warm welcome among the people of Cameroon. While in between volunteer activities, exploring Cameroon’s landscape is very much encouraged. Some of the sights to see include volcanoes, savannahs, mountains, rainforests, and beaches.

Volunteer work in Cameroon
Volunteer work in Cameroon

Among the volunteer organizations in Cameroon, Love Volunteers is a highly recommended and award-winning one that aspiring volunteers could work with. They have more affordable programs compared to others in the area. Several other organizations focus on helping African children with their education, such as the Cameroon Teaching project and the Volunteer in Cameroon: Teach English Abroad program.