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The Gothic Style of Church of Saint-Séverin – Architectural Buildings of the World

When you go to the Latin Square in France, you’ll stumble upon the Church of Saint-Severin. The church is a Roman Catholic Church, which they built in the Gothic style of ancient times. The church’s builders built it in the 11th century, which makes it one of the oldest churches in France. The church’s constructors built it on top of a burial site of a hermit from the 5th century, who was called Severin of Paris, and they named the church after the hermit. There is an organ that dates back to the 18th century that makes the church an important place for religious music.

The History of the Church

In the 11th century, the church started as a small church. Then in the 13th century, the church was built on to make it more expansive since the surrounding community was growing. The church’s constructors focused on having a Gothic style in the architecture. The church’s builders kept on expanding the church up until the 14th century which was when a catastrophic fire demolished the church. After the fire destroyed the church, an archpriest by the name of Guillaume d’Estouteville decided to lead the church’s restoration. The restored church’s style’s focus was on the architecture of the late Gothic style, again. There was space for when they build a northern aisle and also chapels in the southeast since the community that surrounds the church kept expanding. The church was recently improved in 1970 with renovations, which included several stained glass windows that were designed by Jean Rene Bazaine.

The Features of the Church

In France, you’ll see that the Church of Saint-Severin is said to be one out of many grand and astounding buildings of the country. When you’re in the church, you’ll see that it has many unique decorations fitted around and specially designed. The church’s interior has prominent gothic architecture, and there’s modern art decorating the church. Seven stained glass windows adorn the walls, and they date back to many years ago. The stained glass windows represent the Catholic Church’s seven sacraments. Inside of the church, you’ll be able to see a cemetery, which is where the church buried a few religious figures, such as a former parishioner of the church. You can see the epitaph of Catherine de Canteleu and Catherine de Brinon in the church. The two of them were significantly responsible for the church’s reconstruction near the end of the 15th century.

The Symbolism of the Church

There is a religious significance of the Church of Saint-Severin that many people see in it from back in the ancient times up until even the present times. The church is a worship center and was built to commemorate the hermit that the church’s constructors constructed on top of when they first made it. The church is a representation of the faith of the Catholicism. The Catholic Church has fundamental beliefs and religious aspects that the church represents with some parts of its construction.